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No Catches, No Fees, We Just Want Members With BrainPower. You might have noticed us on YouTube lately. We have content and information you won’t believe. We have decided that this type of content takes days of research, assembly, and editing. We already have it at a price everyone can afford it’s FREE. To justify … Read more

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We Jumped To 6,425 Views On YouTube Above is an example of our Channel on YouTube. I know it’s under my name but I have that already resolved. We have another Channel on YouTube called Virtual Atelier. There’s very little activity on it right now as we are waiting for members to become active on … Read more

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Contest Gallery This is the main page for the contests Gallery. It displays the Gallery and the current entries. This Gallery is for all members of the Friend For The Artists site. You won’t be able to post pictures unless you log in and select register if you are a new member. Please enjoy and … Read more

Thought For Studio Today!
Thought For Studio Today!