Art and Photo Journey

This is an Artistic Journey with Friends

Art and Photo Journey

Isn’t this a new age philosophy? No. Is it a religious belief? No. I hope not as my experience of religion justifies most of the horrors occurring amongst humans on earth. Well then what does this concern? I can give a partial answer but I’m expecting better answers as others join us on this journey.  Vague answer, I know. Here’s what I know it’s about Seeking The Light, and recording the results by painting, drawing and photography. It looks like a journey that shouldn’t end. It will start with a basic training in art, drawing, painting and photography primarily using digital tools today. I foresee an experience more grand than any member or future member will expect. Historically speaking right now is the greatest time to be an artist. There are many reasons I point this out. The exhaustive research done by myself and others will support this claim. If you want an adventure while learning I truly believe we have got this covered here as well. Hence is the title called Seeking The Light. Seeking the light will illuminate the path. 

What’s this reference about God? Well I believe we can’t ignore God when there are claims God is the light. It’s been written, proclaimed, prophesied, and preached God is the light. Well if this is the case and I want to create great art then I have to include God as I witness the light. My experience in art can’t disprove this fact. Everything I have experienced bears witness to the light. Without light, there is no art and in fact, there would be nothing. Everything the light reveals bears witness to wonders of creation and design. I think true art records revelations of this glory. Don’t worry, I’m not going to preach this at you or persist with this belief. I am positive this will show up in everyone’s work. Art will bear witness without a word being said. Besides, I am the last person to preach at anyone. I think it’s annoying. I love to share it but I won’t push beliefs on anyone. I am hoping this makes sense to everyone reading what I write, so I will go on to my next point.

Something Deep.

“Art is gathering experiences by any of the five senses. Artists interprete thought and feeling with unabated Passion and conviction. Then bravely, an Artist, no matter the subjects size or scope shares the experience by any of these same senses. Small things become great; great things become small. Hence artists become like a river or candle emitting light through darkness. Where it once was dry it’s now wet. Even a small candle casting light in darkness is awesome like the sun. The gift of the senses glorifies all Truth’s revelation by illumination, the lights reflected back in your eyes, sound is bounced back in your ears, touch has a surface, tastes is tested from something in your mouth, and smells carried are carried to your nostrils. This reveals the nothingness of Untruth proving it never existed but only has a name called a lie. The creation of an artist is worthy of great wealth but wealth matters not for a true artist. Wealth is nothing, it’s a lie. It’s the energy the artists spirit radiates in the process of combining the fusion of truth and their spirit which emits massive beams of light. An artist will know or learn turning any direction toward a lie or wealth will not illuminate their heart but leave them stumbling in the growing darkness. This is how I justify Art is a Journey. We must illuminate any truth we can discover because light can’t bounce off of nothing. We can’t stop because what is in motion must remain in motion. We can’t stop to illuminate a lie because nothing is death. Death therefore is the greatest lie and can only be avoided by truth and spirit. So the artists is as responsible for eternal life as a preacher.”

-Christopher Dean 2022,

If you’re still reading your a person with an inquisitive mind, or you may already have a similar idea in your mind. Now your wondering how are we going to proceed? Don’t worry, I have tools and references for everyone. Most of them you already own as it wouldn’t be possible to read this blog without the primary tool you already possess. It won’t take much more. If your lacking tools and references don’t be concerned. If you comment or write me that your lacking the skill, the tools and references I have a solution. I can provide free solutions for everything, acceptable solutions and recommended solutions no matter your situation.

The only requirement is your over 18 as resources require a fully mature mind. The next requirement is your committed to train others, including family members, friends and associates. The third requirement is you give us an opportunity to sell and represent your work to others.  I can train you with all the skills you need in 40 days. In 40 days your work will be more than presentable and salable. This doesn’t require 40 consecutive days of work. You can work this through at your pace. In fact, we are beginning posts once a week so this won’t be possible until all the resources are posted. All of this will occur throughout 2022. The costs will be nothing if that is what you need. There will be more materials, software, and hardware available for purchase. There will also be DIY(do it yourself) videos to support you as well. 2022 will be a very busy year.

Now back to Seeking The Light. There is no pretense in this title. We intend to proceed with Seeking the Light. Members and patrons are welcome to become a Friend for the Artists. If all of this entices you please sign up. We aren’t in the business for any other agenda. We intend to develop a profitable and successful art program for all members by developing teams and finding leaders. So sign up for detailed information. We can’t afford the time it would take to develop a program for non-members so additional information will not be available without registration and logging in.


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