Rumors and Antirumours as Powerful as Antimatter

Fight Rumours Designed to Manipulate, Control and Destroy Your Soul

Artists and Photographers can’t Afford the Mental Blocks Caused By Rumours
Rumors destroy creativity. Friend For The Artists Antirumor Policy is now enforced.

The United States is dealing with yellow-journalism. It has weakened us world wide much to the chagrin of Russia and China. Politicians falsely dramatization or playing off of nut case conspiracies have been effective in causing division. It’s just ugly. We have no room for rumors at Friend For The Artists, or If division is being invoked by some rumor we will take great lengths to dispel the rumor. If you’re compelled by invoking rumors then please go to another website. We have too much to accomplish and are determined to move in a forward direction.

Anyways here is a quote from the YouTube video above.

Is spreading rumours the impression you want to leave behind? The world is built up on rumours and negative stories that develop stereotypes and racist feeling towards minorities. Evelina Lundqvist talks about ‘Anti Rumours’, a non profit organisation that aims to stop minorities being victimised. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Evelina Lundqvist

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