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Contest Gallery This is the main page for the contests Gallery. It displays the Gallery and the current entries. This Gallery is for all members of the Friend For The Artists site. You won’t be able to post pictures unless you log in and select register if you are a new member. Please enjoy and … Read more

Contest Gallery is Up and Running

Linda An Editor For Friend For The Artists

We are Hosting A Contest Gallery For Everyone To Use The first contest is going to be Dean(Webmaster) verses Linda. We will be posting pictures daily here on the sight to start the contests. This contests will be Linda shooting with a Sony SLT A65 verses Dean with a Nikon D300S. We are competing with … Read more

Hoping Everyone Had A Safe and Great Labor Day.

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We Released A Video with Some Brainpower Behind It Commemorating Hard Work! We are actively seeking those with some brainpower. Mind mapping, Content Creation, Magazine Production, and Book Production are just some of the activities involved with Need income? Let’s get these things going together. We have the training for those who don’t have … Read more

Thought For Studio Today!
Thought For Studio Today!