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Contest Gallery

This is the main page for the contests Gallery. It displays the Gallery and the current entries. This Gallery is for all members of the Friend For The Artists site. You won’t be able to post pictures unless you log in and select register if you are a new member. Please enjoy and we welcome all new members. Remember membership is free.

Legal Notes And Agreement to Know Before Posting

Also keep in mind any pictures posted in this Gallery are considered licensed and you’re granting full Commercial and Artistic use to members of the Friend for the Artists for no fee. By submitting in this gallery, you’re agreeing to this license, you’re stating the photo is yours to post and you agree to these permissions, and anyone registered with this site may download the picture and use it for their own purposes except selling the rights of these photo’s or picture’s to non-members. The works can only be used in members publications and websites with other organizations if they were used as an advertisement for this site, art reference or modified significantly from the original. In otherwords, it’s the property of the owner and this site’s members. Members who no longer maintain membership relinquish all rights to any works posted here except the original owner. The original owner retains non-exclusive rights to resell the photograph but may never withdraw the rights for members of The Friend For The Artists to use the photograph or works of art. Friend For The Artists retains the right to full and free use for advertising as well as promoting the original owner(under their agreement to be disclosed) and related creations resulting from the works stemming from the original work. Friend For The Artists can’t sell any rights to another party (all publications must be a Friend For The Artists publication) without receiving the rights to do so with the original owner. Friend For The Artists, Virtual Atelier Club and Virtual Training Link all fall under the umbrella of Friend For The Artists as each are members of each website and publications. Organizatons such as YouTube, Google and Facebook may freely use as they are considered publication sites for Friend For the Artists and members unlimited restrictions apply. Photos and works used from this gallery can’t be published under the Creative Commons License and must use the YouTube License or Publishers License’s and restrictions. Also if it isn’t clearly stated Creative Common with Commercial Use then submission and License is assumed under this paragraph.

Creative Commons with Commercial License can be applied here if it’s stated in the metadata or posted with the work clearly labeling under this license. This license also assumes full artistic use as a reference is permitted as well and is clearly implied here by using this license. If released under creative commons, the statements and requirements are waived which were outlined in the first paragraph and the following summary.

Summary or Intention of Agreement. Can’t use these pictures unless they are directly related and remain directly associated to members of Friend For The Artists. The owner retains unrestricted rights. Rights can be sold outside of Friend for the Artists but rights can’t ever be withdrawn. Only Creative Commons with Commercial License overrides this license and policy.

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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over

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