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YouTube Video Announcing Organizational Plans and Setup

Above is an example of our Channel on YouTube. I know it’s under my name but I have that already resolved. We have another Channel on YouTube called Virtual Atelier. There’s very little activity on it right now as we are waiting for members to become active on our sister sites. They are described in the video above. Please watch. We are being very selective about potential members. As I mentioned before we aren’t looking forward to massive numbers of members. We are looking forward to seeing massive numbers of patrons. Well that’s enough of the boring ideas. What’s going on with the videos?

We have a talking dog. You guessed it our current brand for this site, the loyal dog you see all over this site an in this posting talks. I will attach several of the example shorts below with an example of the videos below.

I know I’ve also focused on Mind Mapping. However, there is a purpose and reason for Mind Mapping. It’s the simplest method of communication on the internet other than the webpage or blog like this little article. It’s easy and quick to modify plus it allows a bit of dexterity if plans need to change. That’s the biggest advantage for small organizations. The ability to be agile and adjust directions and plans. It’s also the best strategy to adapt to change. At this time in history this is an important capability. Well that’s the reason for the recent videos on Mind Mapping besides the current software allows for quick and adequate video production.

Where are we going next? I’m waiting for input from YouTube and site members for an appropriate response to our current activities. What do you think? Let us know in the comments. As I promised, some of the videos are listed below as well as a featured photo of our loyal star, Shadow the Talking Dog.

Shadow our Mascot Introducing Our Current YouTube Channel and Websites.

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Thought For Studio Today!
Thought For Studio Today!