Republican Party is Officially Renamed the Cringe Party.

Woke’s Better Than Cringe Party.

Is She Crazy Enough Go Shooting at the Schoolyard?

Picture of Marjorie Taylor Green molesting a Donald Trump Poster.

Cringe Party

Republican Party is officially renamed the Cringe Party. For a long time, the Cringe Party has deceived us. They have taken our money to propagate their lies and deceits. Well, if woke means any other party than them then I’m in. They just found a four letter word that can be turned into a bad slang word. News for them, woke just means being awake. This is pure stupidity. While we need to be finding a way to bridge gaps and finding ways to agree to disagree, they launch campaigns to divide us with the donations they stole. The reason I say stole is Trump has not done one thing positive for the working American. His record shows he is responsible for thousands of needless COVID deaths. His policies only made the rich filthy rich.

Trump is responsible for Marjorie Taylor Green. She’s rode on his ticket and branded herself with outrageous publicity stunts. Or is this the real Green? Is this thing crazy enough to go shooting at the schoolyard? We know she does not discourage it. I was going to do a political cartoon on this exact pose of Greens. But nothing says real like this captured news clip. We also should not address her as Honorable in any correspondence of any type.

Here’s a YouTube Comment Below:

“The Republicans are Maga irregardless of how they hide in the background. As long as they do nothing to stop the insanity they are responsible. They deserve the name as “CRINGE Party”. If you don’t believe me just imagine this. Your daughter comes home and says, “I met Donald for supper last night.” CRINGE. Well take that a step higher. “I had a great evening with “Matt Gaetz and Donald.” CRINGE. Or worse yet, your son has a five foot poster with Marjorie Taylor Green in a bikini and M-15 and one hand doing the Donald Trump motion saying “vote Trump and we can go shooting at the school yard.” CRINGE PARTY! CRINGE PARTY!! CRINGE PARTY!!! VOTE CRINGE BY VOTING TRUMP and you too can see the motor of a bus from underneath.”

Here’s another YouTube comment that inspired this article.

“The republican’s want to brand democrat’s as woke. Well let’s talk about branding the republican’s as “Cringe”. Everytime a republican makes the news I cringe in disgust, anger, and fight the anger this party to brings to our airwaves and the destruction of democracy as we know it. We’ve been fighting Trump for over several years while this country is struggling to be all it can be. This party makes me ‘CRINGE’ when I see them rob their voters of donation dollars that it uses to deceive them. CRINGE! CRINGE!! CRINGE!!! I’m feeling ill because I’m having to cringe due to ulcers they are giving me.”

If you’re voting please vote for any other party but the Republicans. They just need to get right. This is so wrong on so many levels.

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