The Dangerous Cringe Party

The Republican Party is a Real Threat to Freedom to Artists.

Cringe Parties Hippocratic and Criminal Intentions running amuck as the real conspirators!!!

I wrote this message as a protection for all the Friend For The Artists members and future members. Below is a quoted comment on YouTube. It appears extreme I know. I felt it was needed as too many artists aren’t seizing the opportunity to use their skills to battle the Cringe Parties blatant attacks on American freedoms. Don’t be deceived they are the fascist, autocrats, narcissists, white supremacist distorting the news. Evangelical preachers, God does not not have a blonde toupee and orange face.

“Listen, some of us don’t have money to donate. But we have websites, and other means of sharing information. If each viewer is able to post your video then this is the way to push it along with your request for contributions. Until this happens I can’t find a way of contributing funds designated for my necessities. Amplifying your message isn’t just done with money but with sharing the message. You need 1 minute knockout videos to put on that contribution page I just viewed for people to share. There is extreme danger around the corner. El Nino along with Ukraine is going to initiate a world hunger we haven’t seen for a long time. This is when the Cringe Party will seize a majority power. The depression pushed desperate people to choose sides. Anger promotes action to violence directed towards the most available dehumanized victim; then ignorance and the illusion of power despite it’s moral standing of good or bad steals away the soul. History is consistent unless wisdom is applied. With that said we got to find the ones who are wise and install them into power. Somehow escalating the urgency to find wisdom and wise leaders should be instituted into those 1 minute videos. Too much time is wasted on Trump, the Cringe Party and the lunacy. To them it’s free publicity and fear invoking. 80% of the time should be finding acknowledging those leaders. 20% should be spent on understanding the enemy and converting them into allies.”

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