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We Jumped To 6,425 Views On YouTube Above is an example of our Channel on YouTube. I know it’s under my name but I have that already resolved. We have another Channel on YouTube called Virtual Atelier. There’s very little activity on it right now as we are waiting for members to become active on … Read more

Hoping Everyone Had A Safe and Great Labor Day.

Friend For The Artists Honor Badge

We Released A Video with Some Brainpower Behind It Commemorating Hard Work! We are actively seeking those with some brainpower. Mind mapping, Content Creation, Magazine Production, and Book Production are just some of the activities involved with www.friendfortheartists.com. Need income? Let’s get these things going together. We have the training for those who don’t have … Read more

Big Mindmapper Promotion!

Displays Math Too

Ingo Straub did it again? His new release of Knowledgebase Builder leads you to believe in AI capabilities. There isn’t a faster more complete way to Mindmap than with this software. It whoops up on the competition too. Right now it’s selling for $2.99 at the Microsoft Store. Click on http://www.buildyourmap.com/ and click on Microsoft. … Read more

KnowledgeBase Builder

Mind mapping Software Extraordinaire. I want to introduce you to KnowledgeBase Builder. It’s a form of Mind Mapping software. Mind mapping is a freeform way of organizing information. Instead of using a strict type of hierarchical notetaking system you draw a map using notes. You use main points of interest and brief descriptions of topics. … Read more

Thought For Studio Today!
Thought For Studio Today!