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No Catches, No Fees, We Just Want Members With BrainPower. You might have noticed us on YouTube lately. We have content and information you won’t believe. We have decided that this type of content takes days of research, assembly, and editing. We already have it at a price everyone can afford it’s FREE. To justify … Read more

The Dam is Going To Burst

How to stop poverty: start a worker-owned cooperative | Jim Brown | TEDxTuscaloosa Friend For The Artists has a solution. Let’s form a Cooperative. A Virtual Cooperative! “Why is chronic poverty tolerated in America? Is our economic system flawed? Through personal stories and insights, University of Alabama professor J. Palmer (Jim) Brown explores the problem … Read more

YouTube Inspired – Must Watch!

Let’s create our own cooperative economy | Benoît Molineaux | TEDxLausanne Our globalized economic system is like a strong current carrying us towards the depletion of resources and an unfair distribution of wealth. We all know this can’t go on. In his talk, Benoit will illustrate examples of swimming against the current, setting the path … Read more

Thought For Studio Today!
Thought For Studio Today!